You Must Watch Hotel Mumbai Movie

The main character of “Hotel Mumbai” is actually called the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Taj for short, and it was one of twelve places in Mumbai that were striked by Islamic assassins on November 26, 2008, finishing 174 people and wounds hundreds more.

The film, which was directed by Anthony Maras for the first time, follows the formula of the disaster film, as it delivers a smooth and captivating narrative that focuses mainly on the events of the Taj, a huge luxury hotel with hundreds of employees.

We will be introduced to most of the important actors who represent all spheres of life before the striking begins. Arjun (dev Patel), a humble waiter at the Taj, has a pregnant wife at home; a sikh, his turban makes him an object of suspicion a short time after.

It is surrounded by loyal chefs and other hotel employees, for whom the comfort of guests is the top priority even in the event of assassin strike. Among the guests are David (Armie Hammer) and his Iranian Muslim wife Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi), rich Americans visiting with their young son and a nanny Sally (Tilda Cobham-Hervey); and Vasili (Jason Isaacs), a sharp and sophisticated Russian businessman. Many of the assassin are also introduced, all by young men who seem to be ordinary dopes except the obvious.

Although some explosions are involved, most of the chaos in the Taj and elsewhere comes from good old AK-47. Many, many people are shot; roughness on the screen is not in vain, but it is abundant. None of the main characters are terribly interesting as an individual (they are mostly archetypes), but together they are quite diverse and offer enough different scenarios-some squatted in a secure private room; some in their hotel rooms; some trying to escape-to get the adrenaline. Maras’ use of real news footage from the strike gives me pause, but otherwise he’s adept at presenting an exciting and satisfying action movie without sensationalizing the disaster.

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